About us

Human Content’s values

Our evidence-based platform of tools and methods ensures quality information on which you can safely base your decisions and work processes.

Since the 1990s, we have developed our own user-friendly tools and methods based on the most fundamental recommendations of the international knowledge community for occupational psychology. Everything we do is built from scratch for a relevant work environment, in accordance with our values:


There exists a lot of documented results from practical use of knowledge in occupational psychology from all over the world. When we find and use the knowledge that is well documented, we can make decisions that systematically create significant economic and human added value in our organization.


The decisions the platform influences can be very important to the people involved. Part of our ethical platform is to consider the needs of the organization and the needs of the people as equivalent, and we believe it is the best for both. We call this principle the “two-customer perspective”. Ethics is the sum of all we do. In order to achieve ethically sound use of the platform, we need enough knowledge, good tools and methods, and a willingness to use knowledge, tools and methods comprehensively while following the “two-customer perspective”.


Human Content has built our tools and methods on this knowledge. That is, all our methods related to recruitment, leadership, management and employee follow-up, career planning, competences, organisation design and more are all developed from the same foundation of scientific rigour.