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Many of our customers have documented excellent results The first step is to make the wise decision to use Human Content knowledge, tools and methods. Get in touch and let us know your needs, and we will provide information about a relevant case that we have worked with.

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IESE chooses Human Content

IESE Business School , Barcelona has chosen Human Content’s B5-PLUS to support its new Professional Transition Program, a service offered to IESE alumni by their Career Management Department. IESE has been ranked #1 in the world for executive education five years in a row by the Financial Times and has pioneered integrating an ethical focus into business education, an approach which is very much in line with our own vision of promoting sound ethical practice in the occupational space of the international business community.

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B5-PLUS eureka

Listen to the testimonial from David Curran, 2019 Advanced Leadership Program “ALP” participant with Timoney Leadership Institute in Dublin, talking about how he experienced “huge benefits” from Alan McFarlane’s use of B5-PLUS in the integrated coaching provided with the ALP.

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Interacting with international organisations, Human Content has developed a comprehensive understanding of the content of leadership roles. Applying our model has already delivered impressive results: increasing market valuation by 15% in two and half years, customer satisfaction by more than 50% in a 3 months, and significant gains in productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Human Content is at the cutting edge of understanding personality in the workplace. Contrary to popular belief there is no generally better or worse variety of personality. Our understanding of personality is essential to organisational development and recruitment.

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